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Elmart,s.r.o is a trading company which was established in 2002. It has been developed dynamically. Since 2015 we have been reaching turnover increase and labour productivity. The main business article of our company with its sphere of activity all over Slovakia is automatization and services.
Bernstein – pracovná stanica WS-6000

Industrial Workstation WS-6000

All industrial workstations look good on paper. It is only when they are put to the test in harsh...

Najmenší a najelegantnejší ultrazvukový snímač vzdialenosti na trhu

UST 08 V 80 G3-T4 Ultrasonic Sensor

Industrial Workstation WS-6000The UST 08 is the first ultrasonic sensor having a size of M8 and an...

Elektronický hybridný prepínač pre odporové záťaže

Wöhner OMUS

With the OMUS®, Wöhner has developed a new device class for precise highfrequency switching of...


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