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KNS series capacitive switches

KNS series capacitive switches

New series capacitive switches with potentiometer. Four types of sensors in one - NO, NC, PNP, NPN.

- switchable NO/NC
- push-pull output pnp + npn
- shortened commissioning time thanks to an end stop indicator with LED
- wide detection range of 0.1 – 8 mm
- secure visualization thanks to a 360° LED switching indicator
- stainless steel casing
- KNS M8/M12 setting tool

Bernstein – pracovná stanica WS-6000

Industrial Workstation WS-6000

All industrial workstations look good on paper. It is only when they are put to the test in harsh everyday production conditions do they show what they are really worth. Therefore, the BERNSTEIN WS-6000 not only looks good, but also has the intrinsic qualities to back this up: With its robust sheet steel cabinet and modular aluminium control enclosure, the workstation provides permanent and reliable protection for sensitive control electronics in harsh production environments. Whether vibration, impact, dust or moisture – the WS-6000 is completely unaffected while impressing with its well-conceived, unsurpassed ergonomics.

With numerous variation options and a comprehensive range of accessories, the BERNSTEIN WS-6000 is the tailor-made solution for your demanding applications: e.g. system controllers, QA workplace or signalling station.

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Najmenší a najelegantnejší ultrazvukový snímač vzdialenosti na trhu

UST 08 V 80 G3-T4 Ultrasonic Sensor

Industrial Workstation WS-6000

The UST 08 is the first ultrasonic sensor having a size of M8 and an operating distance between 20 and 80 mm wich can be freely taught-in

Thereby it builds bridges between ultrasonic sensors and the miniaturized sizes of classical proximity switches. And it is already well on the way to be a multifunctional tool in all fields of machine building.

Elektronický hybridný prepínač pre odporové záťaže

Wöhner OMUS

With the OMUS®, Wöhner has developed a new device class for precise highfrequency switching of resistive loads, e.g. for heating processes. Thanks to hybrid technology, the wear-resistant electronic switching process is linked with the more energy-efficient and reliable mechanical switching function.

Product details:

  • Targeted on/off at zero volts
  • Measurement technology for monitoring the set current values
  • Fuses for short circuit protection
  • Manual control on the unit, manually switching on and adjusting the power limits
  • Self monitoring of the device, optical signalling of the device as well as signal contacts
  • Pluggable connections for load output and control input

In conjunction with adjustable current monitoring, integrated fuses for short-circuit protection and safe and reliable power supply via the CrossLink® adapter technology, the OMUS® provides unique benefits.

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