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Wöhner OMUS

Elektronický hybridný prepínač pre odporové záťaže

With the OMUS®, Wöhner has developed a new device class for precise highfrequency switching of resistive loads, e.g. for heating processes. Thanks to hybrid technology, the wear-resistant electronic switching process is linked with the more energy-efficient and reliable mechanical switching function.

Product details:

  • Targeted on/off at zero volts
  • Measurement technology for monitoring the set current values
  • Fuses for short circuit protection
  • Manual control on the unit, manually switching on and adjusting the power limits
  • Self monitoring of the device, optical signalling of the device as well as signal contacts
  • Pluggable connections for load output and control input

In conjunction with adjustable current monitoring, integrated fuses for short-circuit protection and safe and reliable power supply via the CrossLink® adapter technology, the OMUS® provides unique benefits.

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